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The path to equality for all

3rd and 4th year primary - Category A

Students in category A, that is 3rd and 4th year primary students, are invited to take part in the Grupo Social ONCE School Contest by presenting their best idea to pave the way to INCLUSION. It's very simple!

What's more, just for taking part, everyone, including you, the teachers, will receive an original gift for taking part!

How do we take part?


Together, the class will produce a creative poster using the technique of your choice (photography, collage, drawing, etc.) explaining an idea to put in practice to make your surroundings more inclusive in each of the following areas:

You will find more information and inspiration to help you decide which of the four subject areas you would like to target with your proposal for inclusion in the teaching materials.

with your class, think up A TITLE AND A DESCRIPTION

Once you have it, you will need to think of a title (no more than 140 characters) and accompany it with an audio-description* which you should record to make the piece more accessible.

* Give a detailed description of everything featured in the poster (images, colours, structure, message...).


All that is left to do is upload it to your personal area of this website. And you're ready!

Let the most inclusive work win!

Teaching materials

To give your students a better understanding of this year's theme and the work we would like to see from them, we are providing you with some practicalteaching material, however it is not mandatory you use this to take part.

This material has been prepared by specialists from the Obra Social La Caixa de Inclusion Social Chair at the University of Murcia, in collaboration with Antonio Márquez Ordóñez, an inclusive pedagogy teacher and a specialist in Universal Design for Learning.

Get our teaching materials by clicking on the following link!

Access teaching material