The path to equality for all
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Welcome to the 38th edition of the Grupo Social ONCE School Competition, the educational action programme that helps you to promote values such as solidarity and critical thinking, an active role for students and collaborative work to achieve equal opportunities for everyone.

At Grupo Social ONCE we know that the road to inclusion can only be travelled in one way: ALL TOGETHER.

Education is a powerful tool to create a fairer, better society. With this contest we are certain that, with you, teachers, students and families, we are creating a more inclusive future.

That is why the Grupo Social ONCE has organised this 38th contest, inviting you to work together for inclusion and to make students into agents of change, encouraging them to take action inside and outside the classroom, to make the environment more inclusive. Because we can all take steps on the path to equality.

This year, with our slogan "THE PATH THAT MAKES US EQUALS"", we are urging you to move from awareness to action, through a pedagogically attractive, modern proposal, based on the LOMLOE.

All this with Oncelio, our iconic isotype, who we have filled with colour so that we can travel the path with him and add walk kilometres of enthusiasm.


Grupo Social ONCE is a collaboration between ONCE, Fundación ONCE and Ilunion with a shared identity and a clearly established priority: total inclusion and access to independent living for blind people and people with other disabilities in Spain and around the world.

Education, lifelong learning, employment and accessibility are ever-present objectives, based on social innovation and the drive towards more inclusive societies by strengthening associations working in the area of disability, the third sector and the social economy. A unique model that hinges on solidarity with people at risk of exclusion and focused on those who have a disability, based on the fulfilment of their citizenship rights.

A group whose goal to fully include blind and disabled people sets a unique example in the world for creating social value for all citizens. A leader in the social economy that constantly proves that social and economic profitability are perfect partners, based on the convergence of three areas of action that, together, complement each other:

  • ONCE

    World leader in inclusion and overall independence of blind and severely visually impaired people. It is financed according to a responsible, secure and supportive management model for the sale of lottery products, under public control, and with the full reinvestment of all its income to benefit society.

  • Fundación ONCE

    An instrument created by the Organisation in 1988 to extend the solidarity of the ONCE social model to other people with disabilities and to advocate for their inclusion, acting on the levers of training, employment and universal accessibility, intrinsically linked as a path to the future.

  • Ilunion

    Brand of joint business initiatives by ONCE and Fundación ONCE, which have joined forces to lead the social economy. The organisation has six different areas: services, hotel and hospitality, consultancy, social and healthcare, marketing, and circular economy. Its aims are sustainability and the employment of people with disabilities.