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Conexión Adiccioff. Esto no es un juego

Resources for the school programme

Do you know all the possibilities of the ONCE Inclusion Programme Contest? Our materials will help you develop numerous skills with your students through interactive methodologies and innovative pedagogies. You will build empathy through creativity and cooperative work.

y la nueva edición del Concurso Escolar sobre el uso responsable de la tecnología

Quick Guide to Participation

Te explicamos de manera rápida y sencilla cómo participar en el 37 Concurso ONCE, con las GUÍAS DE PARTICIPACIÓN

Online and interactive training webinars

In this edition, through the GoToWebinar platform, we will hold four training sessions, on subjects connected with the 37th edition, without losing sight of the current situation caused by COVID19 and the changes taking place in schools. The objective is to generate conversation from different perspectives, through recognised specialists in the field of education.

Once more we have gathered the leading professionals in inclusive education, as well as great experts who will show us the power of creativity in the classroom and how to empower the students to lead the movement of inclusion.

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