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Por mí y por todos mis compañeros. Ideas para un recreo inclusivo.

Inclusive playtimes

Are you aware of all the opportunities that inclusive playtimes can offer your pupils?

Socially speaking, the playground is a micro society within the school where students of different ages, in different years and with different profiles put their ability to interact with their peers to the test in a place where they can use their negotiation and conflict management skills.

Physically speaking, when it comes to the morphology of the playground, this can be changed by creating corners or assigning spaces for other activities, and by improving accessibility for students who require it, taking each pupil and the diverse needs and interests of all into consideration. And 525 hours is plenty of time to do a lot...

To help you to make your school more inclusive, this graph explains the social and physical dimensions of playtime.

Imaxe esquemática que explica a modo de infografía as dúas dimensións do recreo:
1.- O recreo entendido como espazo físico, onde convidamos a traballar sobre a morfoloxía do espazo tendo en conta a diversidade e ás persoas con discapacidade. Para iso, a imaxe suxire crear espazos diversos para todos, como espazos verdes, espazos de lectura, xogos de mesa e torneos.

2.- A outra metade do esquema visual informa sobre o recreo na súa dimensión como espazo social. Para traballar a inclusión e a sociabilidade de todo o alumnado, o esquema suxire ideas como inventar xogos e deportes inclusivos, fomentar a igualdade de xénero e o desenvolvemento de habilidades sociais.

From now on, playtime at your school will be more inclusive!