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Por mí y por todos mis compañeros. Ideas para un recreo inclusivo.

Primary and Special Education

All your Primary School students and Special Education can enjoy the 35th ONCE school competitionwhich encourages inclusion in ways that encourage collaborative work.

What’s more, each teacher/child receives a fantastic gift merely for taking part in the ONCE School Competition.

Teaching materials for inclusive playtimes

All primary and special education teachers may access the teaching materials by clicking on each of the blocks. The materials are not mandatory, but they do facilitate creation of the works to submit.

Tasks to do in the School Competition

The tasks for Primary and Special Education pupils in the School Competition are simple and easy!

Design a poster

Pupils design a creative poster illustrating their ideas for encouraging and upholding diversity and inclusion at playtime.

Write a title and record an audio description.

Once you have your poster, give it a title and create an audio-description to make it accessible.

Upload it to the website

Lastly, you will have to upload it to the website to win our amazing prizes.