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Four decades of inclusion, join the story

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When we talk about 40 years of the ONCE School Competition, we are talking about 40 years of progress which, since 1984, has guided members of the educational community to change their outlook, helping to create a united society that empathises with people with disabilities.

ONCE's ability to serve as a driving force and its desire to change the things that all children and young people have has helped to make people with disabilities more visible, triggering conversations about them and their full participation in society by means of laws and decrees.

Nowadays, people with disabilities have basic, important rights that guarantee their full and independent development beyond the limitations and obstacles that hinder their full participation and inclusion.

Before the 1980s, people with disabilities barely had a place in society, and they had little opportunity to enjoy a good quality of life or equal opportunities.

When you look at all the progress achieved over the last 40 years, it becomes is clear how much society and those of us who are part of it have evolved, changed and improved.

Now we want you and your students to join us to learn a little more about the progress that has been achieved in the 40 years of the Contest.

Can you think of anything you have noticed in recent years regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities?

These materials contain some examples that you can share with your students to raise their awareness.