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Por mí y por todos mis compañeros. Ideas para un recreo inclusivo.

ONCE school competition


Playtime is usually between 20 and 30 minutes long. It seems like a short time, but it is long enough for a pupil to feel excluded by his/her peers. Because this is an unsupervised activity, pupils may encounter problems relating to their schoolmates or taking part in activities.

The 35th edition of the ONCE School Competition wants schools to stop seeing playtime as a simple break in the learning day, and to transform it into an important part of the Education Project and an opportunity to teach children about inclusion. UNESCO views inclusion as “a dynamic approach of responding positively to pupil diversity and of seeing individual differences not as problems, but as opportunities for enriching learning.”

That’s why this educational programme for Primarya, Secondary, baccalaureate and Vocational Training is designed to teach students how to live with and to embrace their differences.

Which methodologies are applied in the ONCE School Competition?

This year, with the motto FOR ME AND MY CLASSMATES, our idea is to transform the playground into an educational opportunity adapted to all the pupils’ situations, needs and interests using the service-learning methodology applied to the ONCE School Competition, with which pupils will strengthen key competencies, such as:

  • Learning to learn competency
  • Social and citizenship competency
  • Competence in knowledge and interaction with the physical world.
  • Competence in personal autonomy and initiative.
  • Cultural and artistic competency
  • Processing information and digital competency
  • Mathematical competence.
  • Linguistic competence.

Come on! Take part! Give your pupils a voice with the ONCE School Programme and let them tell you how they would like to make playtime more inclusive for everyone.