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Por mí y por todos mis compañeros. Ideas para un recreo inclusivo.

How to take part in the 35th ONCE school competition

Participation categories

  • A
    Year 3 and 4 primary children
  • B
    Year 5 and 6 primary children
  • C
    Secondary Education
  • D
    Baccalaureate and Vocational Training
  • E
    Special Education

The ONCE School Competition is an opportunity to encourage your pupils to discuss and choose to commit to coexistence in the playground, to enhance diversity in its spaces and activities… Everything they can think of to make this a better moment for everyone!

The different tasks to be carried out in each of the categories are:

PRIMARY EDUCATION (years 3-6) and Special Education

A poster with guidelines on how to enhance diversity in the playground.

The poster must have a title and an audio-description to make it accessible to juries.


A music video (maximum one minute) advocating for inclusion in the playground.

We will provide different soundtracks that students can choose from and to add lyrics, however, participants are free to compose their own or choose other copyright free music.

The video must have a title , lyrics and an explanation-guide to what happens in the video to make it accessible.

Questions about how to enter the 35th ONCE School Competition?

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