Participation categories

  • Category A 3rd and 4th year primary
  • Category B 5th and 6th year primary
  • Category C 1st-4th year compulsory secondary and basic vocational training
  • Category E Special Education

How do we take part?

1. Think up your new inclusive word with your classmates

Creating new words is creative and lots of fun! The new word we want you to think up must express a current need for people with disabilities. Updating and creating new words that respond to new situations has always been necessary throughout history.


  • Inclusionary.
    The first dictionary of inclusive words created by children.
  • Appcesible.
    A mobile application that meets all the conditions to be 100% accessible.
  • Schlusive.
    100% inclusive school with all its students.
  • Barrerismo (word created by Fundación ONCE).
    City free of obstacles.

You must display the word and its meaning in a creative poster. To do this, you can write it in lettering mode or, like some dictionaries, do a drawing to accompany the word and support the definition.

You can create a physical poster, or you can use the digital whiteboard that you will find in the game itself. The blackboard is used with a digital pencil or the keyboard, and you will also find a space to upload an image or a drawing to accompany the definition.

2. Upload it to the website

Now all you need to do is upload it to your Private Area. And you've done it!

Once the work is finished, you must accompany it with an audio description*, to make the piece accessible to people with visual impairments..

* Explain what appears on the poster, specifically (images, colours, structure, message...).