We will reinvent together
a school for all of us

34th ONCE School Contest: Together, we will reinvent a school for everybody



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Reinventing schools for all of us

The purpose of this 34th School Contest by ONCE and its Foundation is to raise awareness among students, parents, teachers and society as a whole on the importance of creating a school where there is space for everybody, dynamically and via teamwork, joining forces and ideas to build it together.

Reinventing the school

At ONCE and its Foundation, we have been working on educational inclusion for a long time, and we have achieved today that 98% of students with disabilities receive a standardised education. Because we need to have more open and different schools, this year we invite you to reinvent the school with us.


For you to discover more techniques, resources and ways of making your school inclusive, over the coming months we’ll be offering training sessions with leading inclusive education specialists - completely free of charge and available online - so that you can follow the training wherever you are and can ask questions and put forward cases.

There is a place for everybody

We want you to share your ideas for creating a school for everybody, what you think can be done, how we can implement it... because every idea is important, and together we can reinvent a school where there is room for all of us.

There are two ways you can send us your idea

1. Via Twitter

Send a message from your Twitter account using the hashtag #Reinventemoslaescuela, and you’ll soon see it included on our ideas wall.

2. Using this form

Maximum 140 characters
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