40th Edition ONCE School Contest

Cartel del 40 Concurso Escolar ONCE

After four decades of raising awareness and inspiring thousands of children, the new edition of the ONCE School Contest is celebrating 40 years by inviting participating students to join the history of inclusion.

The most diverse and inclusive generation in history will go on a journey covering an important part of the history of inclusion and the 40 years of the Contest.

Through a fully accessible video game, and once more, with Igu, students can make this exciting journey through the four decades of the School Contest, learning about the milestones and more important advances achieved by people with disabilities through mini-games and questions.

After finishing their journey through time and overcoming all the past challenges, our students reach the year 2024, where they will join the history of inclusion through their participation work. They will create a new word that expresses and defines the importance of inclusion to people with disabilities in today's society to include it in the 'Inclusionary': the first dictionary of inclusion created by children and a dictionary with new words that define the current needs of people with disabilities.

The video game will have:

Eight challenges that address four disabilities: visual, auditory, intellectual and physical.

Different quizzes to teach players important new facts about inclusion, while empathising with the disabilities presented.

New surprise box containing interesting facts about the history of the ONCE School Contest.