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ONCiTY: The video game that makes us equal



The main purpose of this immersive experience is for students to learn by playing and stimulate their curiority while raising awareness and building empathy with the world of disability and inclusiveness.

It's a great adventure with different challenges along the way that they will have to overcome to make Oncity a accessible city for all.

In order to enjoy the video game, you have to sign up for the School Contest. Each game takes between 25-30 minutes but it all depends on what you know! Not to worry! You can save your game and complete it later.

The video game has different mini-games, questions for learning new things about inclusiveness and surprise content to discover, films, comics, leisure ideas and much more to raise awareness among your students.

You don't need to do the experience to take part in the School Contest, however, we recommend you do! It's a brilliant way to empathise and understand the purpose of this Contest.