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ONCiTY: The video game that makes us equal

39th ONCE School Contest

Poster of the 39th ONCE Social Group school contest

The 39th ONCE Social Group School Contest is back with a difference. This time we have an educational, accessible video game designed to raise awareness of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Training students through an immersive experience, where they will learn the importance of living in a more inclusive world.

Innovative methodologies like gamification have become increasingly present in the classroom, and the teaching community recognises the value of resources of this type to motivate, and to stimulate curiosity and learning. That's why the ONCE Social Group School Contest has opted for this format that totally connects with students.

The main objective of the video game is for students to learn, stimulate their curiosity and raise awareness through experiences. They will go on a great adventure during which they will find different challenges to overcome to make Oncity a 100% accessible place for everyone.

The game can be played as individuals, as a family and in the classroom, and each time they play, your students will have new experiences and learn new things.

The participative work (one per classroom) consists of using a single computer to create a posterwith an inspirational slogan to raise awareness of the importance of achieving a more inclusive society. This poster will be created using the tools in the digital whiteboard that can be found inside the teacher's private area.

The video game will have:

Twelve challenges that address four disabilities: visual, auditory, intellectual and physical.

Different quizzes to teach players important new facts about inclusion, while empathising with the disabilities presented.

Cultural recommendations related to inclusion (books, films, series…).