¡Empieza el 39 Concurso del Grupo Social ONCE, programa de sensibilización educativa! El videojuego que nos hace iguales

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All Secondary and Basic Vocational Training students may participate in 37th Grupo Social ONCE School Contest, reflecting on responsible use of technology, through mechanisms that promote collaboration.

In addition, all teachers entering the school competition will receive a fantastic rewardprize for taking part.

Teaching materials

You can access our material by clicking on the following blocks! This material is not mandatory, but it will make it easier to prepare the competition entries.

This teaching material has been developed by the team of teachers who form MIAC, considering resources and materials developed by experts in the field like IS4K, FAD and Friendly Screens, among many others.

Tasks to do in the School Competition

The work the Primary and Special Education pupils have to do as part of the School Competition is simple and easy!

Create an advertising poster

The challenge is to design an advertising poster in vertical format. The advertisement must attract attention and convey a message that encourages responsible use of technology.

*Supported image format: JPG.

Include a slogan

The advertisement must include a slogan and, for ease of accessibility, and include an audio description.

*Supported audio formats:.MP3, .MP4, .WAV, .ACC, or .3GP.

Upload the work to the website

That’s the last step! Just upload your work to the website to qualify for some fantastic prizes.