¡Empieza el 39 Concurso del Grupo Social ONCE, programa de sensibilización educativa! El videojuego que nos hace iguales

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This year, the 37th ONCE School Competition has organised some very special gifts.
Just for registering, teachers, and students will receive a gift for taking part. In addition, we have great prizes for the winners of each category.

Gift for taking part

All participants will receive a webcam cover, made of wheat, to protect electronic devices.

Province-Level Winners

(categories A, B, and C): a set of 3 smartphone lenses, to clip-on to the phone camera, to capture great memories.

Visualiza aquí las instrucciones de uso

Autonomus Community Winners

(categories A, B and C) and the finalists of categories D and E (5 in each category) will also be rewarded with an activity for the whole class, valued at a maximum amount of €350 ( VAT/IGIC included).

National Winners

Each student and teacher in the winning classes in each category will receive a tablet to show that proper use of technology is possible.