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Conexión Adiccioff. Esto no es un juego

37th ONCE School Competition

  • Ganadores Nacionales
  • Webinars formativos e interactivos
  • No te pierdas el capítulo de "On Follogüers" sobre el uso responsable de la tecnología

Since the lockdown, the digital world, new technologies and the Internet have proven to be invaluable tools. In this contest, by creating an advertising campaign together, we want to convey the message that technology is our ally provided we use it responsibly, but that abuse that can lead to unwanted risks and consequences.

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  • “A valuable opportunity to work on crucially important values with my class. It has provided me with a resource, an excuse to get into their little heads and fill them with solidarity and empathy."

    Laura Díaz

  • “A magnificent plan that explores a subject that is very relevant today."

    Jesús Bonete

  • “We have learned a lot and we have raised awareness about the issue of inclusion. It was very interesting working on the complete teaching units. It has had an impact on class dynamics by including all the boys and girls, since this is a class with a lot of diversity".

    Rosario Pérez