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Conexión Adiccioff. Esto no es un juego

ONCE school competition

The digital world, new technologies and the Internet have shown themselves to be invaluable, extraordinary tools. Technology educates, informs, entertains and improves the quality of life of people, with and without disabilities. It is important to appreciate the benefits but also to be aware of its risks, especially among children and adolescents.

That is why, this school programme has been developed taking into account the new educational situation and the digital recommendations issued to schools by the Boards of Education:

  • Use of digital materials.
  • Strengthening online teacher training.
  • Information campaign regarding cybersecurity and data protection regulations regarding the use of technology resources.
  • Training students and families in the use of digital technologies.
  • Online curriculum.

In this edition, by creating an advertising campaign together, we want to convey the message that technology is our ally provided we use it responsibly, and the potential unwanted risks and consequences of abuse. Grupo Social ONCE invites you to transform your school into an ideas laboratory to design the most creative and effective awareness campaign.

The challenge is to create an awareness-raising campaign with the slogan: “ConexiÓN / AddicciOFF. This is not a game”. We believe in the talent and potential we discover every day in the classroom to transmit a message able to inspire society.

What skills will students acquire with the competition?

  • Linguistic communication skills: to be able to express themselves, in written and oral form, in different communicative situations.
  • Learn to learn: plan problem solving strategies and feel at the heart of the learning process.
  • Social and civic competencies: participate constructively, respect differences, and show tolerance.
  • Awareness and cultural expressions: develop the initiative, imagination and creativity to design projects.

This programme can be worked on in tutoring or in Education in Values. In addition, the format can be used in Language, Technology and Art Education.

Which methodologies are applied in the ONCE School Competition?

Through active methodologies and innovative pedagogies, students develop their creative abilities while feeling like responsible advocates.

The teaching materials promote education in values and help to strengthen group-classroom relationship as part of the programming.

To help you to participate, we provide free educational materials created by specialists based on the curriculum, as well as an information pack endorsed by experts on the subject.