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How to take part in the 37th ONCE school competition

Participation categories

  • A
    Year 3 and 4 primary children
  • B
    Year 5 and 6 primary children
  • C
    Secondary Education
  • D
    Baccalaureate and Vocational Training*
  • E
    Special Education*

*These works will only participate in the National phase.

The tasks suggested in our School Contest are designed to bring out students’ talent and creativity and develop their skills.

1 CLASS - 1 WORK// 1 WORK - 1 CLASS.

* The idea is for group-class participation, however organisational modifications to accommodate health measures will be taken into account. See the rules.

The different tasks to be carried out in each of the categories are:


The task is to produce a radio advertisement, up to one minute long, on the subject of the responsible use of technology by minors. The radio advertisement must have a title and, for ease of accessibility, must include a document containing the script.

*For groups whose disability affects or hinders speaking the sound track of the ad, sound tracks by teachers are acceptable and valid. They must also transcribe the text in the “Description” section of the private area.

Secondary (1st - 4th) and Basic Vocational Training

The challenge is to design an advertising poster in vertical format. The advertisement must attract attention and convey a message that encourages responsible use of technology by preventing technology abuse. The advertisement must include a slogan and, for ease of accessibility, and include an audio description.


Students will record an advertisement, no longer than 40” in length, to raise awareness of the responsible use of technology and the risks of its abuse. The advert must have a title and a document with the script must be included to facilitate accessibility to persons with disabilities.

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