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ONCE Upon a time. La mirada de todos/as

World Blindness Summit

ONCE upon a time. Everyone's view.

ONCE upon a time, not so very far away, a group of blind people decided to form an organisation to normalise the lives of people with disabilities, allow them to study, provide them with jobs and encourage inclusion…

But this is no fairy tale. The ONCE Social Group is real, and is focusing everyone’s attention on something very important: inclusion of people with disabilities. A large-scale international event will take place soon:

World Blindness Summit (WBS-Madrid 2021)

Del 21 al 26 de mayo de 2021, Madrid acogerá la Asamblea General conjunta de la Unión Mundial de Ciegos (UMC) y el Consejo Internacional para la Educación de las Personas con Discapacidad Visual (ICEVI). Está previsto que acudan delegaciones de 190 países en representación de… ¡285 millones de personas ciegas de todo el mundo!

We need to get ready for this important event... and we need you to help! Together, let’s champion inclusiveness and inspire children and adolescents all around the planet. Are you up to the challenge?

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We will be the world capital of blindness!