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Resources for the school programme

Do you know all the advantages of the ONCE Competition Inclusiveness Programme? Using the service learning methodology and the art of thinking, our teaching materials will become the resources for absorbing the principles of social inclusion. They will encourage empathy through creativity and cooperative work.

On-line and interactive training sessions

We now have the speeches of our specialists in inclusion, education and creativity ready!

Once more we have gathered the leading professionals in inclusive education, as well as great experts who will show us the power of creativity in the classroom and how to empower the students to lead the movement of inclusion.

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Quick Guide to Participation

We quickly and simply explain how to take part in the 36 ONCE Contest. Follow the steps below to design your own flag or compose your anthem easily using our video guidelines.

No-one knows better than you, as a teacher, how important it is to strengthen the contents you give in class to back up what has been learnt.

That is why we have made 2 Kahoot games for you to encourage reflection and discussion on inclusion and creativity, as well as 2 debates for pupils, based on diversity and self-esteem as means linked to inclusion.

See “On fologüers” and the chapter on how to lead the inclusion movement

A cartoon series from the Fundación ONCE to normalise disability, awarded the Cermi.es prize in the category of Communication and Social Image of Disability. It can be followed in the social networks, YouTube and on the Fundación ONCE website.

Training: Implementation of inclusiveness in schools

If you still you're wondering how you can apply the values of inclusiveness in schools, download all our educational materials for primary, secondary, Baccalaureate, vocational and Special Education, which you can use to help improve your students’ key skills.