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ONCE Upon a time. La mirada de todos/as

Primary and Special Education

All pupils in primary and special education can take part in the 36th competition ONCE school competitionwhich encourages inclusion in ways that encourage collaborative work.

In addition, all teachers entering the school competition will receive a fantastic reward ONCE School Competition.

Tasks to do in the School Competition

The tasks to do in primary and special education are very easy and a lot of fun!

Design a banner

Students will design a banner that reflects the universal spirit of inclusion and includes symbols of disability, unity, solidarity, etc

Enter title and description

The work must have a title and a audio-description that you will record to make it more accessible.

Upload the work to the website

That’s the last step! Just upload your work to the website to qualify for some fantastic prizes.

Download the flag template here. Remember to ensure that the measurements are proportional: rectangular and horizontal.

Download flag

Inclusiveness teaching materials

You can access our material by clicking on the following blocks! This material is not mandatory, but it will make it easier to prepare the competition entries.