ONCE Upon a time. La mirada de todos/as


This year, the 36th ONCE School Competition has organised some very special gifts.
Just for registering, teachers, and students will receive a gift for taking part. In addition, we have great prizes for the winners of each category.

Gift for taking part

The inclusiveness movement bracelet, which will be sent to everyone who enrols in the competition, will encourage everyone to be an activist committed to the cause.

Province-Level Winners

Students in the winning classes in categories A, B and C will receive a practice belt bag to carry the inclusion everywhere they go.

Autonomus Community Winners

Cada aula ganadora a nivel autonómico (Categorías A, B y C será premiada además con una actividad para toda la clase o material escolar valorado en un importe máximo de 400€ (IVA. Incluido).

National Winners

Las 5 aulas ganadoras (Categorías A, B, C, D y E) recibirán una tablet para cada alumn@ y docente ganador de esta fase.