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ONCE Upon a time. La mirada de todos/as

ONCE school competition

Inclusiveness is a series of endless searches to find the best ways to respond to student diversity (UNESCO). It means learning to live with and from difference. It is an opportunity to enrich society, that can be developed extremely effectively in schools.

That is why the 36th ONCE Social Group School Competition, is inviting you to make students standard-bearers of inclusion. Because in June 2020 in Madrid we will have the honour of hosting the World Blindness Summit. Delegates from 190 countries are expected to be there representing 285 million blind people all over the world!

This year, with the motto "ONCE upon a time. Everyone's view", will create a banner and an anthem about inclusiveness of people with disabilities. A unique educational opportunity to champion inclusiveness and inspire children and adolescents all around the planet.

What skills will students acquire with the competition?

  • Language competence. Express and interpret thoughts, emotions, experiences and creations orally, visually and in writing.
  • Social and community competence. Awareness of the existence of different viewpoints when analysing a situation.
  • Cultural and artistic competence. Appreciation of implicit creativity when expressing ideas using different artistic media.
  • Personal independence and initiative skills. Affirming and defending rights. Putting oneself in the other person’s position. Taking a flexible approach. Self-confidence. Determination to succeed. Cooperative work. Assessing other people's ideas.
  • Competence in information processing and digital competence. Mastering and applying specific basic languages in different situations and contexts: textual, numerical, iconic, visual, graphic and acoustic, generating responsible, creative productions.
  • Competence in knowledge of and interaction with the physical world. Internalise the key elements of people's quality of life.

On the other hand, the format of the work involves work on subjects such as: technology, music and artistic education.

Which methodologies are applied in the ONCE School Competition?

This material has been developed with innovative methodologies, encouraging students’ personal initiative and autonomy, from the point of view of multidisciplinary competence and skills

The dynamics proposals in the teaching units, will enable you to develop the skills of all students and to reveal their potential through multiple intelligences and design thinking, Art Of Thinking, bringing out the creativity of each student after processes of internalization and reflection about other social situations. At the same time, Service Learning allows students to put themselves in another person’s position with the objective of discovering deficiencies and possible solutions.

Collaborative Learning dynamics form cohesive groups-classes and encourage competition to learn to learn through various investigations based in turn on the Flipped Classroom.