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ONCE Upon a time. La mirada de todos/as


All Baccalaureate (High School) and Vocational Students may take part in the 36th competition ONCE school competitionwhich encourages inclusion in ways that encourage collaborative work.

In addition, all teachers entering the school competition will receive a fantastic reward prize for taking part.

Tasks to do in the School Competition

The work to be done in the School Competition by Baccalaureate and Vocational Training students is very easy and simple!

Create an anthem

Your students compose lyrics for the anthem on the subject of inclusiveness.

Choose the track

You can either use one of our backing tracks, mix several, or write your own music.

Enter title and lyrics

The anthem must be submitted with written lyrics and a title.

Upload your work to the website

This is the final step! All you have to do is upload it to the website to win our amazing prizes.

Teaching materials for inclusive playtimes

All baccalaureate and vocational training teachers may access the teaching materials by clicking on each of the blocks. The materials are not mandatory, but they do facilitate creation of the works to submit.