Activistas contra el acoso


Past events


The closing ceremony of the 33rd ONCE School Competition and the ONCE Foundation was streamed live on 10 May.

Find out more on the event University Day ‘Against Bullying, Educating on Difference’.

University Day: ‘Against Bullying, Educating on Difference’

On 24 November the conference ‘Against Bullying, Educating on Difference’ was held at the Law Faculty of the University of Murcia, at which several experts took part to talk about bullying from different viewpoints.

Find out more on the event University Day ‘Against Bullying, Educating on Difference’.

Meeting to reflect on and take action against bullying

On the 1st of October we officially opened the 33rd ONCE Contest with the Day of Reflection and Action against School Bullying. This was an exclusive event which gathered together the top experts in Spain on bullying along with 170 educators from all over the country.

Find out more on the event Reflection and Action against Bullying Day on 1 October 2016

New resources for teachers

If you’re a teacher, you may have had some doubts when doing some of the sessions we offer in our teaching units with your class. If so, don’t worry because we’ve prepared two new resources that will make your job considerably easier.


We want to help you to keep fighting bullying, which is why we would like to encourage you organise an exhibition or display of your work at your own school. You can invite your friends, classmates and family members to see all the work you have been doing to stop bullying.

We have materials and resources that will help you to get started, and to make it easy for you to set up an exhibition that will have an impact on everyone. Because stopping bullying is everyone’s business!


What is bullying?

We want to help you to detect and identify situations in which bullying takes place, both inside and outside the classroom. For this reason, we created a simple infographic that will be very useful for you to learn what bullying is and what it isn’t, the different types of bullying and the different roles that we may find. Hang it in your class, in the corridors… and share it with your family and friends!

Guide against bullying

Quick guide for doing your project in 10 steps.

We want to help you do your project for participating in the contest, which is why we created two very interesting guides so that you and your students can design your POSTER or create your MINI-SHORT against bullying in just 10 short steps. We hope they’re helpful to you!

10 step guide: poster 10 step guide: mini-short

Video tutorials with practical cases

This includes 4 video tutorials showing real sessions recorded with students in primary and secondary school and baccalaureate, taught by a professional specialised in coaching with a few comments by a host to explain what’s happening step by step in each activity.

Find out more on video-tutorials with case studies

Interactive video tutorials

During October and November, the teaching community was able to enjoy the four interactive video tutorials which we organised with experts in school bullying.

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