Activistas contra el acoso

Meeting to reflect on and take action against bullying

 Meeting to reflect on and take action against bullying

Summary of event

On the 1st of October we officially opened the 33rd ONCE Contest with the Day of Reflection and Action against School Bullying. This was an exclusive event which gathered together the top experts in Spain on bullying along with 170 educators from all over the country.

With César Bona (finalist for the Global Teacher Prize), Fuensanta Cerezo Professor in the Department of Developmental Psychology and Education at the University of Murcia, Carlos Represa (expert in protecting minors and responsible use of the Internet) and Paco Bezerra (writer of the play on school bullying entitled The Little Pony), we shared opinions and experiences on situations of bullying that occur in the classroom.

The educational community, more mobilised than ever

The event, which was held in the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, managed to attract teachers from all educational levels and different places around the country.

Throughout the entire Day of Reflection, the audience actively participated in the debate. The instructors who could not attend because there was no more room didn’t miss a single detail because the event was streamed, so they could also participate with their contributions and questions via Twitter.

Social media activists

For all of these reasons, the event was a huge success on the social media, and it even became a trending topic with the hashtag #ActivistasContraElAcoso.

This proves that there are thousands of activists joining our movement to fight against school bullying. What about you? Are you an activist yet?

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